There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Monday, May 13, 2013

I wanna died

I know in islam we believe with qada n qadar. N it's not good we asking Allah for died. As human sometime I'm frustrated with my life. Not because I'm want be rich or nice life but sometime I felt empty for my life.

Look at people have partner , lover, money, meet anyone they want, good life  n of course I will hope can get same thing.

For a year I tried make myself happy, busy, Cheerup but until now I'm lost.

Then I start pray, doa to my god... Sometime I'm cried in front of Him... I'm shy to tell him what I want n always argue him.

Finally I just asking him... I wish I'm died early n don't want continue life like is complicated but a close friend never try to understand me. What else I can do? 

Someone say u must make urself happy 1st.... Then someone come to u. When I'm happy why not u take me as ur partner? Or u just bullshit me!!!

We are different.... Really sad when I think nobody cares about me. 

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