There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Monday, October 1, 2012

My ex roommate's wedding

Was busy last month for my good friend wedding. He is my university's mate, my classmate, my housemate, my roommate ... Yeayyyy when I'm student b4. Lucky he got married. Nice couple

Hard time

Like usual I just continue my life. Try be happy, make friend.... Meet any people those like to meet me. I just do it although I know I force myself to have date.

Because I must get out from my sad life without good friend, without cheerful n laughing. Yeah kind of positive. Finally I think I become worst n bad because I'm not do that from my bottom heart.

Lately it's was become worst because I'm waiting someone admirer to meet. After 2 month waiting... Seems nothing happen. So I decided to let it go n I don't want think about that anymore. Although I know it's really meaning to me but what can I do. Like I said b4 we planned well but god decided for us.

So let me go to continue my life. I deserve to be happy. I kept my special in my heart n u can forget me.

That's decision a bit regret for me but I'm sure something good for me at future.

I love you

From time to time I realize how much I miss u... How much I need u. Seems its hard for us. I wish I hav voice to tell u why not we just forget each other. Then my tears moving because I'm not sure I will happy or not like I stay beside you.

I know u tried Ur best too to stay near me. I really miss u