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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stress.... Shit!!!!

I lost hair ... Hmmmm

just checked from internet...its cause of stress!!!

Our hectic lifestyles have made us vulnerable to all sorts of hair loss problems. In a way, this has “paved the path “ of the Ring-shape hair loss, a frightening hair loss condition.

Most common traits of the Ring-shape Hair Loss would be losing hair in the shape of a circle on the top of the head, leaving an unmistakable shine.

In more serious cases, most people suffering from Ring-shape Hair Loss will lose 50% of their hair in just one week and in 1 month, they’ll be completely bald. Hair will be lost forever!

There are many factors surrounding why the Ring-shape Hair Loss can happen. According to the experts, men unable to withstand stress and pressure will experience an imbalance of hormones, as well as a disruption in the metabolism. A lot of times, it is due to neglect and proper hair care.

In addition, someone who might have lost a loved one or has suffered a certain amount of duress or emotional setback, someone who finds their lives too hectic or has relocated to a new environment they can’t seem to adapt, feeling a certain amount of pressure or feeling threatened, panicky and anxious all the time can result in a great amount of hair loss.

Compared to the other hair loss problems, most people have found this hair condition far more unacceptable. This is because the person suffering from this will find his head covered in little ring patches of hair as well as ring-formed holes. This can be an extremely dreadful situation and can happen in both men and women, young and old.

i hate this.... but i realize i was to pressure manage myself alone to look house b4..... now a bit better...i felt the hormon in busy increase lately until i got pimple...arghhh need more relax..happy and calm.

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