There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Monday, June 25, 2012


today i have blind date but when i was ready to meet at the place i should meet....nothing there. i'm confuse it is my mistake? or i'm not good enough? or i'm too late?

then i'm waiting another 2 hour there sit down and waiting. i can see like a movie in front of me. a real movie. i saw about life.... nice couple holding hand, kissing, a family with kids, a daddy with boyish, a handsome guy walking with phone, n i asking myself....what i want in my life? then i frustrated. i give up for my life.

then i'm cried because i'm too lonely here. if i have my old friend like patrice, chris, john, tj or patrick ....i'm sure i will not like this. maybe they left me because of me too. people come n go because of contract of work not because of contract of life........ they not choose me to take together with them.

yeah i'm confuse about myself.this moment 12 midnight..... i wish tomorrow is better than today. i know i always give up and frustrated everyday but i still believe one day i will be happy. i'm not want rich partner..... just someone understand me, maybe nice look in my eyes its enough because i know i'm not nice at all. just ordinary guy.

anyway thats this time some people have fun on bed....some people holding hand , laughing, but i'm cry alone because nobody care. everyone have thier own prblm. same with me.thats why i wrote here.....because i dont know with who i should share. when i said the true people said i'm play game. when i say i need u people will say i'm drama. i dont long as i never cheat anyone. i deserve to be happy. i wish. and always wish.just hopeless sometime.

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