There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Friday, June 1, 2012


in mind trying to replay what i have done in my life b4. i know not all is bad and sad time, some almost amazing and miracle for me.

yeah i choose YOU because i believe n confident with my decision.i'm not regret although its just short time...its really meant to me. after all of YOU left me and KL, i lost something in my life. a good friend to laugh, complaining, lunch, dinner, cooking,and more.

still remember the moment at kitchen, dining room, even living room which is i missed so much. thats time i'm not to think where i should go after work at friday even what i should do at wknd...all already in mindset, to be with u, to cook with u, to laugh with u, to naughty with u....aaaah i'm so happy. and i know i'm snoring at night include you....but wake up with smile n laughing because everyone swear not snore when sleeping. hahaha

i choose you b4 because i trust u can make me happy n i can share what i can share with u. although we never say we r in love but as friend is more good enough for me.i know all of you not longer here thats why i'm not hoping anything just a good friend....time for laugh...i missed it and i miss you. i choose you because i trust you.

thats why for now...... i think i'm at bad time because the people i choose for now, they can't see what i can offer them. a good friendship, lovely time...... i hope people will understand me. TRUST friend will laugh when i wrote this...hhaha always trust me la.

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