There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Lonely nite

Every nite is lonely nite. Go home without anything just lay naked on bed watch tv, cold n so quiet. Everyda is empty, lonely....... Imaging all my friend marriage have sex n get baby.sometime fight maybe at least the life is complete. Up n down is normal. At my age now honestly I desperate to hav someone special in my life. Sweaty n wet on bed, smiling b4 go sleep, warm hug n beautiful snoring at middle at night. It's showed I'm not alone anymore.

Yes I know some friend n family member read this but I don't care I'm mature enough to write anything I want n I also normal human. Have needs love sex, n etc.

That's life but who care.... All my lovers gone n never come back to me. Do u think I should begging them to come n pick? Yes I did.... But everyone with their career.same with me.i always said to everyone, how hard u work u can't bring that money to grave unless u hav kids to take care.

Why not just forget the job at the moment n spent time with someone u like. Have good memory.... I wish I'm rich n I can go somewhere n do what I want.

Talk like shit but honestly if I meet someone love me n I love him I resign 24 hour n get ready to move on. I don't care.the world gonna end soon. Go n have time!!!

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