There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, March 4, 2012


This week a lot of drama n drama happen. Arghhhh I don't know what happen maybe my soul not so happy n tired too.

Since my friend left I'm still looking for someone I can shared about my life,anything I like to talk. Personal matter n etc. it's hard and difficult for me. last week it's the worst but never regret just still waiting for something good.

Honestly when I'm too stress at office I really need someone at home to talk n discuss. But I don't know with who I suppose chat. Time zoning n everyone busy n hav prblm with their life. I know n I can't expect people give u attention to u. It's complicated because I tried but it's hurt me.

So last week day was stupid thing happened. Because of too many work load after Chinese new year my friend n me send a resign letter to office.

Yes I working hard I think I fed up with my life. I always think why we need to work hard at the end what u earn got nothing because all gone end of the month. Everyday we get stress n might be at future we get cancer, sick or crazy. The company will not support u until you getting old.

Maybe u laughing now when u reading what I wrote n say i always dreaming. Come on we will died soon why not we just spend our time with someone we like n love.have good life somewhere n make our day is like our honeymoon.

That's pressure make me quickly think to resign, sell all the furniture at home n back to hometown .so I just write a letter in 5 minute give signature n put on HR table. Go home,send some SMS to people I love n sleep.

Wake up from sleep,I asked myself what the hell I'm did last night?. Felt funny,embarrassing n afraid too but felt better because I did decision.

At morning at office, the whole office because 2 important person resign together n bosses worried so much n see their face look bad. My boss talk to me face to face n begging me n my friend not leaving. Sometime I felt wanna laughing but that only way to tell them u gave us over load work n some other people just relax.

He offered me increment rm500 but I said give me time to think for 2 week.

That's happen last weekdays. I'm ok now just not sure I'm fed up working now. Work hard but personal life, no lover, work work n work.

That's why I really want meet people, right people to talk. Desperately..... U will not understand my feeling actually. Anyway waiting something not sure actually. So sad

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