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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Moving n plant

I know it's will happen n it happened now. This week I offered to all my friend to take my plant at garden because the new owner told me she don't like plant n flower. It's mean I need to clear all. What can I do.....

Still looking for house n I did some plan for example finish all food in fridge,throw all not important at home little by little n packing some unimportant staff in box so easy for me to move later.

My latest thing is clear garden from plant,vase,all thing. I reallize I have70 type of plant in my garden in vase in earth n etc. oh my god I don't know how much I spend time n money for that n at the end it's finish like this. So sad because sad.

My friend Usop take near 15 plant m vace, my officemate Sally take my beautiful orchid another 15 plant too. N my friend Abby bring his hilux to take another 20 plant in vase on earth n empty vase too.

Felt sad u know but not regret at least they will take care them. Now I hav another 15 plant to clear. I missed them already even no feeling like home already.homeless guy.thats life

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