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Monday, January 2, 2012

ikhwaness engage

26 December 2011, few days b4 new year..i went to my university mate engagement. he choose our classmate Aness.its was nice because all of us busy with work, meet at great day. this time...only my friend afifah and me r join that great day.

long time ago i can say we r always in group like 12 or 15 person when doing activity, but from time to time...... everybody is changing...couple, marriage even forget to hangout together. some friend already move out from kuala lumpur n back to their state n working there. right now only afifah and me are available....we missed the memory.

lucky.... chris borrowed me his car, at least i can attend the ceremony...they will marriage september 2012. hope everything will go smoothly. ikhwan is my best best friend actually. my classmate, my univeristymate, my housemate, my roommate and his car's mate too. when we study at university...only ikhwan have car..we use kancil only...n everyday he help us to class, kind person. even in his life never have "mad" word..always be positive.

i can say his life a bit wealthy but he not so lucky because he not 100% well...his pancreas has prblm n waiting someone to donate it. every time to eat he must inject the insulin..... if i'm not mistaken. but he still strong n helpful person. even at room...he never care what i'm open in my computer...hahaha he not busy body person. hahhaha.many memory actually.......wish u all the best for the life my good friend.congrats again.

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