There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, December 16, 2012

new life i think

 after long time i took time for rest, changed new house, new life..... finally i'm here to write little story i think.

i was too stress looking new house, commitment with job, loosing good friend, someone i love..all together at one time.then i realize i lost my hair a bit round on my head. after saw doctor and specialist...finally my growing back n i  think i'm a bit happy and positive thinking. i'm happy i have good friend around me...listen my prblm even helping me at financial thing....i really do appreciate it. its painful when u try to setlle down alone....

anyway past is past i dont want think about it back..herewith few photo of me with hair...i appreciate my hair scared to shave it again.... hahaha i love look bald......maybe more sexy easy to take care....but with new hair...i think i more appreciate it...thanks God helping me.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

long time not write here

i'm sad

Monday, October 1, 2012

My ex roommate's wedding

Was busy last month for my good friend wedding. He is my university's mate, my classmate, my housemate, my roommate ... Yeayyyy when I'm student b4. Lucky he got married. Nice couple

Hard time

Like usual I just continue my life. Try be happy, make friend.... Meet any people those like to meet me. I just do it although I know I force myself to have date.

Because I must get out from my sad life without good friend, without cheerful n laughing. Yeah kind of positive. Finally I think I become worst n bad because I'm not do that from my bottom heart.

Lately it's was become worst because I'm waiting someone admirer to meet. After 2 month waiting... Seems nothing happen. So I decided to let it go n I don't want think about that anymore. Although I know it's really meaning to me but what can I do. Like I said b4 we planned well but god decided for us.

So let me go to continue my life. I deserve to be happy. I kept my special in my heart n u can forget me.

That's decision a bit regret for me but I'm sure something good for me at future.

I love you

From time to time I realize how much I miss u... How much I need u. Seems its hard for us. I wish I hav voice to tell u why not we just forget each other. Then my tears moving because I'm not sure I will happy or not like I stay beside you.

I know u tried Ur best too to stay near me. I really miss u

Saturday, September 29, 2012

So lonely

Long time I'm not write here. Yeah fighting myself for my life at new place, new environment. Really I'm not happy. What else I can say..... It's hard if I put happy photo people will think I'm lucky n happy all the time.

I'm not happy for such us long time. Sometime I wish I died now because I know who cares? Nobody cares if I'm still alive or not.

That's life .... Hard moment for me only I wish I have someone come to bring a light brightness for my life. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm sad

When I woke up from sleep i really sad.I pretend to be strong although my mentality is weak n not so happy.

Monday, August 27, 2012

let me go

sometime its hard to explain what we want, what we felt, what we wanna explain to u......but after explain from A-Z, the only answer is OK. do u think i'm waiting for OK answer? i know life is hard..... i swear n agree...thats why i try to not tell everyone what i'm felt now.....because u only LOVE urself, ur work, ur family not our talk n etc. its ok..thats what u want..go ahead...i don't care

Sunday, August 26, 2012

after work out

i did discipline workout just to reduce my belly...yeay can see little result...more sit up n exercise at home

Saturday, August 18, 2012


I don't what I can write here. I just felt sad with what happen around me. Jealous, frustrated , fed up, confuse,down like usual. Nothing can make me happy at the moment.

I know to be with family is the most important thing . I'm happy to be here just something missing in my life.

I'm sad with myself. The place called kuala lumpur . With the un nice community make sad. Don't know with who I should share. Sometime I wrote a hint in fb with hope I can release my stress a little bit not try get sympathy.

I'm fed up n jealous with the people hav good chance, hav date, good trip, nice place, meet people, drunk, maybe fun. N me just begging with people to have date.go out, dinner or lunch. Mostly I do alone. Sleep alone too.

That's life . I'm frustrated... Too much.

Saturday, August 11, 2012


not all what we planned will happen. not all what we love we love us. not all what we want we can get it. not all we hope we will get it.

thats life. its happened to me.not 1st time but all the time. its make me fed up about the life, confuse, until i hate myself.

after have bad time few day ago..and again another one. i dont know what i should to. to share with people...people have different opinion. same with me..i have my own opinion. this time the painful make me so down down down. i totally give up......speechless.

like i wrote b4...when u have bad time like this and u need a good friend near you to share ur bad feel....but they not near u..u will felt worst. i need lover..... so badly sad.

Friday, August 10, 2012

me....again shoot

life is not easy...up and down...only i wish all the beat for my life. right now i have hair prblm...because too stress lately...yeah u can see nice and handsome at front..but from behind kind of embarrassing . hope its will growth up soon.i try to not stress anymore..learn how to release it...but its more stress when u dont have any good friend to talk, sharing. i miss all my good friend b4..which is stay near me..went out with me...beach, forest, hill, driving car.....i need to realize everyone have thier own path...even i'm not regret. i miss all of u

wedding set

my university mate will marriage next he choose me become his clamps groom.

its was surpised after he choose we go to wedding planner to take clothes measurement for the clothes at wedding.

i snap few photo for wedding ceremony at malaysia. look nice...which i was seat on the that chair. hehhe

the ring

i was company my officemate to buy ring for his brother's wedding. so 1st time i'm at ring shop. i was excited n the design also good. i wish i'm wearing any ring now. to be attached with someone i love.

my friend siti...acting like a good love couple for our gossip at office. that funny.

iftar with university mate yesterday

after long time not meet....finally we decided to meet at ikea, damansara because some friend wanna give thier wedding card.a bit sad because i can see their face so happy n ready to marriage. but me i'm still single and alone. suddenly at the iftar time..i received sad message..something disappointed me. thats life. i need to move on

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012


At 1st time I really felt painful in my heart about loneliness. Something u can't share with others what u want in ur life. N im start feel sad n worst.

Yeah when u gave ur heart to someone but nobody care it's like gloomy in ur life. I hate to be alone.

I miss my active time, laughing, chilling n maybe few fun. Im lost in my world .

I felt sad because I wish I hav lover, someone near me to make me smile, give me attention, hug me on soda, n so on.

I'm sad again

Thursday, July 19, 2012

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