There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, December 25, 2011

where do u took ur photo? ....fb

me with little wings.

one day i was stressful at office doing a lot of work. yeah too many work now, many responsibility n too many prblm.although too busy with work...i can't stop thinking about my life......i'm tired to wrote what i'm feeling here because i can say....if i wrote here....its can solve my prblm? n who cares? no one come to help me......i'm tired with all of this.

then i open facebook....see how nice people's life....all of my classmate getting marriage, have baby....even 2 office mate just married this weekend, 2 my cousin engage last week, my university mate engage this weekend...what else i can say...... don't u think i dont have little feeling for love..with the person i or admirer? who cares...people force me to love them...but i only want its come my heart....its more sad when someone u like n love not here with u when u sad, cry even for help too.

look at all the photo in fb...always make me think..what next?..what happen soon? its bad i think. then at right corner of facebook....some question about the location u took the photo in album. just click yes or no.

one question really make me cry is...." do u took this photo at HEAVEN? yes or no. i wish i'm die now. heaven? too far too go i think because i know i'm bad guy. is difficult sometime. badly thinking

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