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Thursday, November 17, 2011

there is a way for miracle

this month really busy for me...back from paris..i need to catch up a lot of thing. work, personal life, family and so on. the most important thing is my garden, my house and etc. but in my heart i'm still missed paris, city of love. i have really good friend there, i have good moment there, love the city, people, all make myself interesting.

especially the musician people play music at street, really make like in dream. i love classic music like Beethoven, instrumental because sometime i play the song everyday at home. always imaging myself with european clothes, with horses in palace or english house. i love that.

then having coffee at street, looking at people walking busy to office and etc. such as great time. hard to explain much i'm enjoy it. mixed up race, culture, skin all look wonderful. i'm still remember when i took the train from the airport to my friend train i'm looking every person beautiful and handsome.

the food, the weather, everything seems perfect. i'm lucky because i came at right time. i love it. back from paris....i feel so lazy actually because its long holiday n i forget to pamper myself at paris..everyday walking, see the building n walk in city.

like i promise to my house agent...i need to make sure the house in good condition. so started clean all floor in house...n i really stink!!!! because at paris my body never ever have bad smell. 1st day at malaysia...clean house...i already smell bad. hahaha what to do...i need to clean the house.

i took the lime...n wash my armpits....our traditional way to remove bad smell. but its not works. maybe the toksic in body for 12 day paris...come out at same time. hahahha.from day to day i missed paris so much..... i wish i can turn back my time...i want be at paris. nice place.

n now when i remember all this...i felt something wrong. something missing in my life. why i said that? sorry if i write this but really i like to write, at least i'm honest for everything.

- after the buyer signed the booking agreement....i'm start worry n depress. even don't have mood at all. i'm still remember, when my house agent set the time for visit the house, they decided to view the house after i back from paris.

- its means if they wanna see the view b4 i go to paris...its means i will never have good feeling at paris. start worry n etc. thanks god because i'm happy at paris...but just a quite happy b4 i have this moment.

i'm not blame anyone or regret...just thinking like is crazy sometime. we never all this thing will happen. when i go to paris..i really not expecting i have good time. when i back to kl, i never expecting my life will in next few month...i'm not expecting anything for my life...just wish i have good time, smoothly move and think positive. thats all. the conclusion is i missed paris a lot. dont know when i can go again.

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