There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Friday, November 18, 2011

just like in t-rain

Everyday I’m late to go office

I like it

I like traffic jammed

Love being myself in bus

Listening music like high

Remembering all the memories

Transition bus to train

Step by step climb the staircase

Meeting many nice people

U sees me and I see u

Then I close my eyes.

Coz nothing expect

Coz We r different

Rushing, running, walking, thinking

Then I stop under the fan

Breezing me away from hot sweaty

Waiting the train

Then the train comes

Again u sees me and I see u

I close my eyes n ur eyes gone

Because this ur stop

U walk away from train not from me

And I Step into train, once again I look at u

Because I turn myself to see u

Wish u look at me

I realize this is just like in train

People come n go

Sometime Crowded, empty, busy like me

Just like in train

I take a sit

The train stops again

People come, people go

Finally I’m late to office

Just like in train

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