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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

broga again

this is the 3rd trip for me to broga hill. i never bored to come here...such as nice place n beautiful scenery at day time.

the reason i came this place because i was promised to my officemate, Siti to bring her here. yeah sharing the nice of nature. at same time her birthday on last friday..its like a good timer for me to celebrate her birthday.

another thing chris also available last weekend.... and maybe as the last time b4 he leaving kl. siti was helped chris repair Chris's car. a little bit damage on his car when he try to park at basement. so we plan to have good time with climb the hill at morning and he cook for her birthday at afternoon. its nice day for siti.

back from body really jet lag, suddenly i have something urgent for house, one buyer signed agreement for booking the house..all changed quickly. i start worry, stress, exhausted and cried too.

really no mood to climb the hill, but i try my best to make all in happy n cheer. yeah for my friend, chris and siti. climb the hill make ur forget all the prblm, painful and sadness. at least i'm feel so tired but exciting taking photo.

so here some photo of us. siti bring her sister. her sister like chris actually. hahaha anyway i hope i have good day soon. now just stress with house. thats all. was good time.

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