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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

birthday party for siti

hmmm...where i should start?..... actually chris will leave malaysia soon....maybe 50 day. so since few month ago i plan something nice to remember. we start cooking every weekend..for example 1st week i cook special fish from family's recipe, n 2nd week he cook for me lamb rosemary with cauliflower cheese, potato n purple cabbage.back from paris i cooked steam glucouse rice with squid.

its good time and i told siti, chris is good chef.she wanna try mat saleh cooking. thats why i suggest to siti, why not we change our plan to karaoke, but chris cook for us because chris dont like singing. hahhaha so chris was agree because he thankful with siti, helping him to repair his car.

at same time, siti's birthday was last we celebrate for her. was good time with sparkling grape n apple.the lamb so good n nice.yummy yummy..was good time b4 heading to singapore n phuket soon.

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