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Thursday, November 10, 2011

arrived safely at airport n friend house

the most happy thing when i arrived at paris is finished all the protocol at airport. the police, immigration, took luggage, n see my friend waiting me at airport. yeah 1st time at europe....a bit confuse and the airport not so systematic like KLIA(sorry just be honest).

when i'm arrived at airport, the temperature is 9 degree Celsius...kind of strange for me. lucky i bought the jacket at kl and my friend gave me a scarf.warm me all the time.

so this is what i'm wearing everyday for 12 day at paris. one shirt inside, one long sleeve korean style, and one black jacket, one hard to wear everyday. hahha especially when u ready for ACTION. hahhahaha.just kiddingla.

i always complaint to my friend when he stayed at malaysia because he don't like buy plant or flower at his house. lucky when i visit him at 3 pot flower, n tomato. such as nice flower.

so some photo outside his house because he not allow me to take photo in his house. hahhaha but its good with sunny.....still cool bro outside.

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