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Monday, November 7, 2011

the + and -, maybe worst in paris trip

let start with positive

- new experience to me, the scenery, building, people,
- i met my friend..such as a good time with good hospitality
- many hot guy n mixed people here
- i'm lucky because the sun always follow me at important place when i shoot the photo
- the train was so good, easy for me to transit at any station with monthly pass from my friend
- love beef every morning for breakfast...because i only get halal beef at home
- i eat a lot b4 go out every morning because i need energy n worry not find halal restaurant, but when i saw halal restaurant i will eat as much as i can. sometime i took 2 time lunch...sorry
- taking funny photo in photo box..such as good idea
- visited 80% nice place
- the musee also great
- moment with coffee is the best ever
- took thousand photo
- so amazing when i saw big farm, with horse, sheep, apple tree, grape tree, i want to be there, met hot farm man n women,,,hahaha..such as good time
- the tree also colourful

- i was hungry and tired at 2nd day for long hour just to find halal food or restaurant, finally i just ignore it n eat chocolate muffin n raisin muffin...emergency case..forgive me Allah
- i love eating actually, i saw many nice bread, menu, restaurant, but most of them not halal and i dont hav much money.....
- i love dog...i want touch them but its hard for later for some reason
- took thousand photo, but i missed kissing, hold hand at public..... what a waste because u have chance but nobody want do that with u
- i went to a nice park...many couple in wedding taking pre wedding photo..i was so excited to take photo...but that bride come to me..mad me n ask me to delete all his photo...i felt bad

- i was half death when many office with huge body, muscle n mad face checking train ticket in train.......i'm sure my face no more blood because i'm using my friend monthly pass. only god bad that time...but i solve it when i gave them the non use ticket in my jacket. my friend gave me that ticket b4 he give me his monthly pass. the worst is the monthly pass with his photo on his card..such as crazy time. the officer was count how many hour i'm in train..finally the train stop at one station..i told him excuse me station now (cheat him). so i was safe from bad time.arghhhhhhhhhh its so scary..i dont want go jail at paris....
- the last day i was happy when my friend invite me for indonesian food, but we was same time my phone out of credit, arghhh at paris all public phone using card phone, such as crazy thing..... i was walked around eiffle tower nearly 1 hour...running, rushing just to find him....with mad..try to find the train station but the police said wrong direction...arghh suppose tell turn right but he said turn left.... was mad n talk alone in train..finally i just ignore about it. so sweet..hahahah

will put more later....many thing will share

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