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Thursday, November 17, 2011

the 1st coffee at paris, n not halal muffin!!! hahaha

when i see this photo...i always have big smile and laugh.....hahhaa let me share something hard and funny. the whole my life.

so when i woke up at home..... i make huge breakfast because i'm worry i'm not find halal food and i really saving because not much money at beginning. although my friend gave me a lot of money but at 1st day i try not spent much. so from notre dame, the lourve, arch de triopm.... its long way by walk and train. mostly i walk. from morning until evening i'm not take lunch even u can imaging how thirsty and hungry for me?

i was totaly energy that time and walk at Arc de Triomphe neighborhood and wish can find any halal food. i only found thai food..but its was close. i walk for 2 hout just to find halal food. finally i said to myself...Allah will forgive u because u in emergency case..... so i decided to have drink n muffin at burger restaurant. i order one coffee and chocolate muffin n raisin muffin...but the women gave me 3 coffee and 2 muffin. maybe she not listen properly. i just paid and yummy yummy...its was great coffee in my life, the best ever chocolate muffin.

i know its not halal..but i dont care...really emergency!!! so i just have good moment and smiling here all the time. yeayyyyy i have coffee. from here i just relax, make plan for next day because the day getting night...n my friend patrice coming to meet there. waiting him for 1 hour..i order another coffee here...hahahha so nice. i spent around rm60 for drink n expensive in euro only euro15...

then patrice came.....we walk to eiffel tower.......

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