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Sunday, October 9, 2011

things need to do b4 2012

new year will coming soon, except increasing of age.... i wish 2012 become my resting year for me. 2011 very busy traveling around the amazing too much travel even in malaysia too.

- will fly to france

- back to kl from france
- penang/langkawi
- singapore
- phuket/phi phi island

- maybe will go vietnam

things need to do b4 new year
- repair computer from 2 cpu become 1 cpu (or buy new laptop)
- wish i can have iphone4 dream phone actually
- canceled the celcom broadband and fix the UNIFI internet at home
- more gardening
- ASTRO? hmm willl double think soon
- pay the education loan until rm3999 b4 new, at least new number for 2012.
- new bed? hahah...
- more exercise

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