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Saturday, September 3, 2011

malaysian airline vs airasia

this time i have chance to went hometown with plane. so on the way back to kl by plane..... i was sit on departure hall. thats night have 2 flight to kuala lumpur. malaysian airline and air asia.i was sit at MAS area because the chair was close to TV....the only one tv have malaysian channel. the reason why i sit there because i wanna watch the local news.

i realize...all MAS passengers are came from high level because everyone using iphone, and ipad. some of them speak fluently english. its means they hav good education or maybe study abroad, the clothes, the way the speak really different. high class family.

when i look at air asia passenger...they just simple, happy, enjoy, fun, like backpacker, noisy because talking to much...laughing so different. finally i realize simple life is more interesting to compare high class. but when i saw ipad, iphone...hmmm so nice.when i will have chance to use it because i love to read when i'm waiting bus, in bus or plane...... but do u think its important? thats why i'm not buy it because i'm confuse..dont want waste money to buy something not important to me.

the moral of story..... u only one objective to this case kuala lumpur is subject..... there is 2 way to go kl by mas or airasia..which one is more reasonable? ask urself,be smart, good planning, make right decision and choose the right price. at the end...i still want iphone...hehhehe

*one more thing...the guy at air asia check in counter so handsome...hahha his name amir...seems malay mix arab.... can i get ur number sir??lol

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