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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

fasting month's memory

only one thing remind me about my fasting's month a few week ago is about a good program at tv alhijrah, malaysia. i can say 1st time i saw very islamic television... every morning i will switch on the tv n watch one program b4 i take breakfast....the program is about the forgotten good attitude of our prophet in our life now.

the themes is simple...hiding camera at any corner, record what muslim people did and compare what our prophet did.very simple for example don't forget say thanks you for everyone, say hello. forgiveness, time management, friendship,respect the senior citizen, so touching.

in that program, i love the song...when i listening that song..i felt so sad. as we know...arabic people famous with poem...they make good poem, lovely, love to people, love to animal, life, Allah n so on. so nice song. i always listen that song....i felt like in 1001 arabian night.of course the host also hot. heheh

habibi ya habibi.

yes!!!!! i'm explored and investigate at internet...what the program was.... lay kaana bainana...

"If the beloved were among us"

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