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Saturday, September 3, 2011

english task at kampung

the most funny things when i back to hometown is my sister asked me to help her doing her study assignment.she is a teacher. she continue study in she attend english class and have many english assignment especially grammar and essay.hahaha why me?

my english very poor actually....maybe worst, but never shy to write here. hahaha

so the 1st assignment is grammar. a bit easy becausee all the article in past tense. so i can answer the question.

2nd assignment...find out about simple, compound complex sentence. a bit hard also because need to understand all the article. hopefully what i'm done is right. hahaha

3rd assignment is make an essay using simple, compound and complex sentence. there is 2 title need to choose

- the advantage women working from home
- the pros and cons study abroad.

i choose the 1st title but my sister want 2nd title, because of her i just do what she want. fine the infomation at internet...cut and paste finally i done(better be honest). then i read all the pros and cons in that essay. hmm very interesting..let me write what i remember

- meet new people, more friend
- learn the culture
- learn language with fluently
- get new life for better life
- be strong and survive by own self
- learn new thing n open mind
- maybe can hav good CV when ready to work

- hard to adopt new culture
- culture shock
- high cost
- miss hometown, food, friend
- not secure about safety
- when u sick hard to find someone to take care
- far from family
- expensive life style
- religion prblm...the life style

its was good task for me. i learn something actually. honestly everything i did i always take seriously. let we do something interesting or challenging......

how about if the change the title become:

"the pros and cons working at oversea"

i'm sure the answer is u think i'm ready to working abroad?.....

sometime i realize...everything happened to me always gave me"something" for future.....the people i met. the things i done...always helped me sometime.

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