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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a tears.....

on monday..... a big surprised for me because one of my best friend at university moved back to her hometown since 2 month ago. she is my classmate, even her father is friend with my father.we know each other when we took same courses at university.i really dont know when she moving...its make me so sad......

with busy life, sometime i forget some friend outside there. honestly i felt so alone when some of my friend start leaving kuala lumpur city. i mean those from other state, come to kl for study n now moved back to their state.

in my circle..... i have one best group...around 15 person when we study in architecture school. in architecture school... friend is our family and the lecturer is our mother and father. thats why we r very close. some from selangor and kl area, some from other state. when we finished study..some of them leaving my group because of married, continue study, decided to leave our group n etc.

start with my best friend, aka housemate, roomate, ESE from kelantan. he moved back to hometown because his father asked him to work close with family. then he left kl with thousand memory, friendship.

its continue few month ago...... USOP from sandakan, sabah. he also missed his family, n wanna stay close with family, at same time he hate with kl life, busy, hectic,too much work, office prblm, house prblm n etc.he also my best best friend actually. especially at old house. the idea of renovation, clean house, food and cooking. we stay at old house but we do nice renovation to stay longer. finally he left kl with many memory. although i moved to new house...but sometime we still keep in touch.

this time my best friend, Elly from my village area. setiu terengganu. since i know her....she helped me a lot especially hari raya time..going back to hometown together because i dont have car, at same time very hard to get bus ticket. for flight ticket is impossible except i buy the ticket when got promotion...airasia ticket.

seems everyone leaving me for this time.its huge thing happen in my life. i mean all gone but no one coming to my life. got one or 2..... but i prefer term of outdoor activity, hanging out outside..laughing, smiling, movie, joke. i miss that. i only can say just left few people which is sometime free to meet

'afifah - she have bf
ikhwan- his gf is our classmate. she took low profile life....because busy continue study n working
rina- she single but rarely meet her
farhana- married...sometime free
elin- always give excuse to meet
huda- same with elin

only me a person from other state which is stay in kl city. i know i should not think negative...but how long i will be strong? without friend i'm always alone. this time only one or 2 i always keep in touch n give something to my life

chris from london, working in kl but he leaving kl this December
sunil from singapore, working contract in kl, but leaving kl every weekend. hahahha

some friend which is still keep in touch but stay far from kl

patrice from france,john from bkk, tj from joburg, patrick from joburg, rob from singapore, jim from atlanta, US.

hope i will get more friend....always love to meet good friend rather than bad friend.i only everyone have good life with thier own path, i miss all of u.

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