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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Stole the busy time

a) Dreaming of prince William

A few days ago, I was dream something funny but I think its was great dream. Yeah I’m a fan of lady Diana family, not the prince Charles. So when William married with Kate, I also bought the magazine about their wedding. Kind of great wedding actually. I can say every week, I read the magazine, see the clothes, people, the guest, decoration..what a nice wedding actually. That’s why I was dream prince William. But in my dream he was sick n not afford to do formal activity like royal protocol…so I was become his assistant. So my task is I need to help him and sometime carry him at any royal ceremony. In that ceremony, I learn how people respect a king, VVIP, etc. I realize a King also just a human. They sometime like to respect n be humble to everyone. Not only people respect to king. Its was interesting, even I involve at all ceremony. Yeah sometime very hard to follow the royal protocol. William was nice with me..sometime he don’t want me help him, because of my job…I must make sure everything ok..bodyguard? hmmm maybe….but more than a slave which is do his job n enjoy doing the job. Not bad slave. Anyway in the dream..have conspiracy about Henry try to kill William. That’s why William falls sick.anyway dream is dream. Sometime I like dream…u can go at another world..which u never have chance in real life.

But if u think more deep in that dream, there is something there. Something u can’t translate here.

b) Do u think harry potter will make new episode

Last night I was dream about harry potter, I was one of them. Have magic power n try to help the world from ghost and zombie. Sound crazy but I believe with dream sometime. In that movie….. I went to some place like hostel for school or university….. in that garden… I was walking with friend, I mean schoolmate. Then one of teacher come said bad guy try to catch us in school area. So with magic power we fight with them, but the magic was bring us at small village…full with ghost and zombie..which is we try find the way out. So funny because many people in bus also..but all of them also ghost. Hahha amazing and interesting.

One thing very weird at the end of the story. I was at my village. At my village…have someone very good as a tailor, doing many clothes. He so professional, married and hav kids too. One thing I remembered is I was in his house’s compound, the garden was so amazing, full with colourful of flower, tree and etc. he told me…all that come from his money after working as a tailor. Big house…so nice…. Then I just go home with magic….. ending

c) Slimmer

Lately I feel I’m too slimmer to compare b4. After the surgery, I’m not interested to eat, not feel thirsty, even I don’t care I wanna eat or not. I just know i’m breathing. Including with busy work at office + fasting month, I can say I’m not eat much. Don’t know why….. feel horrible sometime

I only have 2 opinion here,

1. 1. If u r a little bit chubby from normal…maybe u in love with someone. so u will eat more because u happy have someone. Yeah life more active n happy.

2. 2. If u r a little bit chubby from normal….. maybe u broken heart. So u start eating much, sleep and forget the world.

3 3. If u slimmer…… the most thing is u feel lonely and sad, lost, confuse, in pressure, tired, worry.

My conclusion is the answer is no. 3. I miss my life b4. Hard for me to explain here. Like a goal keeper u try to take care of the goal. When the ball come from many side…u still try be strong, brave, confident. Sometime u lost too. Same like me. I try be strong in my life although some people look I’m happy. But in my deep heart, I miss someone far from me, I miss my active life,laugh,smiling n etc. Just feel lonely at somewhere I really don’t know where to sad actually.

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