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Friday, August 5, 2011

some explaination of teeth surgery

a few days ago...some people keep asking me about what happen to me....n i'm kind don't have any idea how to maybe i should write here and i can give my blog link to them. i know its too personal but i think....what i should afraid for? i'm honest in everything i wrote here.

anyway.......its was started when i i felt not comfortable with my teeth when i brush my teeth everyday. have blood at toothpaste after i brush my teeth. so i went to see doctor and doctor checked my blood...everything is on n clean no the doctor was transferred my case to dentist at oral surgery.

at the dentist...they double check again my blood b4 doing any action.take x-ray for my teeth and do some investigation. yeah i met specialist dentist. after that they found i hav caries prblm. honestly i'm not see any dentist since 10 year ago. so the doing scaling on my teeth. scaling means clean the caries on teeth. so lucky after scaling...i don't have any prblm anymore.just little blood to compare b4.

after that my dentist told me i have another prblm. she advice me to take out some teeth for better life at future. she told me.......

- i need to take 2 young teeth at behind, both side below..because they born with wrong way..see the x-ray.

- if i took 2 teeth at below..i must take out another 2 at above...because that 2 teeth no function anymore....i mean how to mixer the food?, if u take out 2 teeth at i think she is right

- she said i can't take out the teeth like normal...because my teeth is to near with "saraf"..i might be can't see properly.... will effect to my eyes, brain n ears too. so i must do surgery

- have 2 way..half sleep or sleep for surgery..i choose full sleep..i'm not brave enough to take out 4 teeth at same time.

- of course i'm scared.... then i told her..may i waiting until 10 year?, she said its more big prblm. the position of my teeth is really not good. in few year...maybe the food will stay some hole in my teeth and effect another part. so from 4 teeth..i must take out 8 oh my god..... she is i agree what she said.

- she told me...i need to wait until my name come out..because many patient waiting for surgery. thats why when i go call from hospital last week...i just agree. i'm waiting nearly 3 month for government hospital

- 2 week b4 i do teeth at behind start give me prblm...1 week i feel pain..... thats why i have big reason why i must do the surgery.

thanks to doctor because gave good advice. the surgery was painful but i feel better now. thats life actually. not special case but its happen to everyone. i saw some case worst than my case. so the moral of story....pls visit any dentist 2 time in one year. if u still young, strong, brave...go n see dentist..they waiting u to give help. trust me!!!!

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