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Monday, August 29, 2011

shooting after midnite

hmmm like usual i can't sleep when i have many thing to do at next day especially a week ago. all my mind full with work load, the target need to achieve.then i start crazy taking some photo at middle of midnight. why? i have reason ...always hehhee. trust me!!!!

the reason is nearly one month i'm not shaving or cut my hair, so all growth up and messy. n i will do shaving when i finish all my job. so i love to compile or record my face with mustache n beard. honestly all my housemate want me save the mustache because i look different.... hahhaa but i'm not feel comfortable n look old too. now i shave already part of them.

i like like to healthy of my teeth. hahha now after a few week from teeth operation, i can eat any food n my body start gain weight. hahha i like it. i love to be meaty rather than slim. yark!!!!!.

after raya i will do intensive exercise n build my muscle later. as my target to look for my next trip on 16 sept to kota kinabalu n paris.

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