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Sunday, August 28, 2011

roses for my mother

actually i have many thing to write here, some still in my mind, delayed and hoping i available to write more later. trust me, i was working like hell for this month. because too busy for project submission to the authority. 3 days b4 long holiday... i done submitted and waiting the approval for 2 month from now.

my 1st project i handle by myself, start from empty land, design, drawing, 3d building, submission and etc.

anyway thats not my topic for this 3 beautiful photo.i love flower like my mother also. one day in few week ago, i called her if she want anything for hari raya preparation. she want me buy some plastic flower. i know some people don't like plastic flower because its not real. but in our culture..we love that and people in here also good in flower creativity. the arrangement n so on.

my mother also a good make arrangement for the flower. so i bought he red roses and another type of small flower. so i took some photo for her my my own arrangement. it is look nice? can fight tj or not? hahahha

i know some people very good in flower arrangement...that's the ability gave by god. should be proud and use it to for better benefit. so here some photo about the flower and i'm enjoyed doing the arrangement.....

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