There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


i know i always write something sad n unhappy. i'm sensitive person actually. for me the small matter is big thing for me. i always care for everything. sometime i realize i also stubborn too. but really when i know someone..i will love them more than myself. i'm believe everyone i meet is very important although sometime i'm a bit rush for something unclear for me.

thats why...when someone leaving my circle..i will start worry, sad and take few day to recover until i really can accept it.i love friend more than everything.thats me.i need time to be happy again. i know the time will change soon,, but i really look something interesting to explore. just miss my classmate for this time..especially hari raya..normally we will stat to visit friend's house by car...taking photo, shooting and etc. but this year seems nothing.

i also have another best friend b4..... he always travel and never invite me together. and i said to him..go, go with ur officemate n no need invite me or try travel with day when u leaving kl...u missed something u never do b4 when u hav chance with me.

i can say..i always bring happy in my group, idea, decision maker, and of course make them laugh n smile. i like to see them happy especially i'm crazy taking photo.....force them taking photo together.thats make me happy with my friend.

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