There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a memory..always love my friend

at cameron highlands. Elly, me and usop, both of them not in kl anymore

me and elly

me and elly

usop, rina and me putrajaya lake

elly, rina and me putrajaya hot ballon

give a smile, hot balloon. elly , me and rina

every year, we will go open house hari raya together, friend's house in kl

we stick together for more than 5 year

play bowling when hav free time

went to waterfall at weekend

went to kelantan for one of friend wedding

kak lily wedding, at kelantan

bowling time...always together

usop, ese and me at kelantan city

eyes on malaysia opening for 5 years ago i think

best friend...both of them finally become couple until now

the garden.... still under construction...long time ago

some friend in this group when active at society at university

asrul and balqis, me, farhana and dima, farhana and dima now married. balqis married with another guy

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