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Sunday, August 28, 2011

glee or geli(ticklish/amused)

my office is like a radio station..which is we always playing some song when we r working. thats why we call architectural STUDIO. hehehe. sometime some of my friend request popular song. so we always fighting to find latest song, especially local and international song. because of many people with many hard to find good song.

i love adele but some officemate dont like to hear thats. so i was thinking about glee... the musical drama from USA. some of thier song are very good...sometime better the original singer. one thing make me laughing is why they called GLEE because in malay word we have similar pronounce with GLEE but we called GELI. GELI means ticklish or amused. similar meaning too. hahhaa

so last 2 week..was stress with i download more than 80 song from glee tv seriess. amazingly some of them really nice. like

rehab, hello,bust your windows, the boys is mine, fire, really remind me about my past time...very lovely and i missed them. thanks Glee because choose very good song, voice and so to dance too

i can felt the soul of the song, seems like wanna dance..tango, 60an, swing n etc. lovely actually.

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