There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Thursday, August 4, 2011


my name on board in ward

a bit busy lately especially at office because doing many work. i have some photo actually in my phone when i'm at hospital. only today got chance to upload in my blog.

some look crazy n worst..but thats me when i'm at hospital. painful but still can smile. hahhaha. tomorrow i need to see my dentist to take out the sewing in my gum. not like few days ago...its was too painful for me. today only minor pain..thanks god...i can't wait to eat many thing. my friend at office told me..i'm look slim ...hahha

at 1st day when nurse put needle in my hand

my tag on my hand...means i can't easily go out from the ward..

the date when i'm check in at ward

the night b4 surgery...try to be smile and positive....although its painful in heart and hand. asked friend to tag me in my fb because i can't use internet that time

another cheeky smile....just enjoy myself

me after surgery, woke up from long sleep, thirsty, hungry, pain..... change the tissue by myself...its toooo pain n blood....

the water going into my body via the needle in my hand....

waiting the nurse take out the needle from my hand

lucky my bed is facing the kl tower view.... miss the vibrant of fun in kl city. hehhee

at the last day with my tag, b4 nurse cut it off. yeay...anyway painful still in my teeth

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