There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Saturday, August 13, 2011

cursing of song

a long time ago, someone asked me for some love song, preparation for anniversary ceremony. i willing to help, because i have some collection, especially old english love song.

so i choose my favorite song. YOU TOOK MY HEART AWAY by MLTR to that person, since then i realize someone took my heart away. i dont know its real or not, but i really felt something lost in myself. i wish i can take back but i don't know how to take it back. so hard life without heart even until now i need my heart back...because i wanna share with everyone else. complicated..sometime. the end i don't know what can i do, i don't know its love or not......because i'm still wish miracle happen.

Staring at the moon so blue
Turning all my thoughts to you
I was without hopes or dreams
I tried to dull an inner scream but you
saw me through

Walking on a path of air
See your faces everywhere
As you melt this heart of stone
you take my hand to guide me home and now
I'm in love

[Chorus:] You took my heart away
when my whole world was gray
You gave me everything
and a little bit more
And when it's cold at night
and you sleep by my side
you become the meaning of my life

Living in a world so cold
you are there to warm my soul
You came to mend a broken heart
You gave my life a brand new start and now
I'm in love

You took...

Holding your hand
I won't fear tomorrow
Here were we stand
we'll never be alone

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