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Sunday, July 10, 2011

who this guy? yeayyyyyyy...happy weekend at the end!!!!

hahha...was funny n great time for me. if someone always read my blog they will know who this guy...kind of old friend...since i'm study at university until now. but almost 2 year not chat with him..... since i'm jobless long time ago.

let me recap....because i dont want people misunderstood. this is iranian friend at bousher, iran. honestly i met him at chat 7 years ago. i just chat with him n never see his face even by cam too.he just send his photo by email only.yeah just a poor guy but big heart. never only this time i catch his photo by webcam....1st time in my life since 7 years ago. very long.

i'm still remember when i'm jobless...he asked me to help me n will send money if i want. so touching. although he not so rich, but he ready to help me. so nice guy. a few year ago..i'm still remember.... he asked me a help......helping his father at malaysia because his father came to kl to buy astronomy equipment. so i met his father, n he was gave many food to me. although we never meet face to face, but we still good friend. so i showed his father the way to the shop nlucky all done well.

so happy weekend, remember my good friend. life is so crazy..but good friend always besides us. thats what i want. thanks Ali..for the webcam...... i really happy because 1st time i saw him from webcam after 7 years. incredible and amazing.thats called friendship.God bless you.

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