There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Saturday, July 16, 2011

today is saturday

1st of all

1. thanks to God because i'm recover from the teeth sore..... feel so better today, later will start hit gym again. sometime i feel strange...why someone was born to be doctor? n they can give hope to people n we r recover from big job... and why i was born in architecture?

2. i fed up actually....fed up with everything around me. why we always not get what we want or what we hope? it is too big for me to handle it?

i only can say "hey guys, u saw something good in front of you,grab it and take the advantage". arghhhhhhh i'm not prophet to be perfect person!!!!!. i just want people open their eyes. i dont know what should i do....just give up with my life.

3.i'm mad...... why people always wake up late from sleep at morning? i also sleep late.... but wake up early.... if u wake up early u can see how nice the world. n u can get many advantage from morning until nite. i wake up early....but still nothing for me here. thats make me so freak out alone.

4.i want a good friend near me....... dont want stress like this.make me stress n stress. seems i already waste half day at weekend.

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david ooi said...

well, get closer to god and he will know what to do for you...

for me, i have my family with me. but very often, i feel no one would understand how i feel as well.

i am just passing day by day.