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Monday, July 18, 2011

teeth story

I know it's too personal…put xray result.....but as information and knowledge I like to share what happen to my teeth..yeah can happen to everyone in this world. My doctor said is normal everywhere.

Last time I went to dental clinic just to check my teeth….. although look good at outside…but I hav carries prblm. After do scaling, my teeth become nicer n clean. Lucky for me because I do check-up with dentist after more than 10 year not meet dentist. Hehhe.

B4 the dentist do scaling, she already inform me..i need to do operation for my teeth..the last one behind….they growth not so good n will give me prblm. The doctor said for now…everything look ok but after 7 year maybe I will feel painful. The doctor suggest for me to take out 4 teeth(2 below, 2 above) as soon as possible….because in 10 years I might lost 8 teeth…because its effect another teeth. Hmmm that’s why I’m waiting my turn to do operation. Yeah I went to government hospital…more cheaper n reasonable price to do.

But 2 week ago… my teeth at behind make a prblm…arghhh so painful…at the beginning..i just think its normal…..after few day…its getting painful, so I called my sister..she said no need to go dentist..just buy medicine at Watson outlet..yeah I bought 2 type of medicine..but its not longer enough..the painful came back. i was busy with work..can’t easily take leave…. Finally I decided to see dentist….government clinic.. woke up at 5am..leave house at number 1 at ticket counter around 730am. 8am enter the room.Hehhee

The doctors do check-up…. She said don’t worry its normal….. I only felt pain for 1st, so must come after u felt pain many time…its normal..the teeth still young and still growth…i give u panadol and antibiotic…..WHAT I’m 26 la.? hahaha anyway its was painful…..i took the medicine for few day n now 100% no more pain. Thanks dentist n God.

One advice for everyone…if u hav same prblm..just wash ur mouth with warm salty water b4 sleep and after sleep. Its’ works… waiting turn to do operation…can’t like usall..way because my teeth close to eye, nose connection..might be dangerous..

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