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Monday, July 18, 2011

saturday is yellow day

on saturday..i was bored at i decided to go...dont know where to go actually.just follow my feet.

to support BERSIH campaign...i wearing yellow shirt without bersih word. hahaha. seems funny but enjoy to do it. just to get attraction from police n people around. hahha anyway..not many people wearing yellow shirt on that day.

so from house at ampang, i stop at bukit nenas monorail station walking to bukit bintang..n went to MPH sungei wang, bukit bintang.just like to see new architecture magazine, find some idea and read some gossip magazine.... its was funny actually....i grab a french book , how to learn french... but i put it back because not reasonable to buy. it is right Patrice? hahhaha i mean i'll try to see at internet. time to learn some french word.

another new thing make me laughing is i found this book.... dos and don'ts in australia. i know when we go to new place or new country..we must follow the people, attitude or culture there. i don't know...australia have many rule in society. so scary because i have australian friend, but i never apply what the book said. i just be myself...hahha yeah the book telling u...if go to restaurant...what u should do..what u shouldn't do...or if u stay at australian's house...what u can do..what u can't do n etc. things for me.

i'll go to france...soon..anything i should know? one thing i know about western people is ..... i can't sneezing loudly in front of them n can't n say alhamdulillah.... hahha to be polite i must say excuse me.......maybe i should find some book.

after walking around at sungei wang plaza... to see ipad2 n iphone.....i was hungry..... i have 2 option eating nandos or birthday cake?...finally i decided to hav birthday cake at Starbucks. yeah just eat my birthday cake for this year at malaysia. a bit late but its ok still in july's month. the cake's name "vior".... so delicious...... was sit down there n read some book.

then i decided to go petaling street to find new dvd...yeah kind of bored at home later. so bought 10dvd with rm6 per one dvd...i think its cheap. nice movie......thats what i did on saturday......walking from bukit nenas, to bukit bintang, then petaling street, pasar seni, take train to ampang park and go home. thats all..still bored...hahahha

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Patdavid28 said...

that s good...
u r a reasonnable man...
u partially have control of yourself...
how many TShirts last week?...