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Sunday, July 10, 2011

exploration and traveller

at this writing mood i like to write something about my travel experience...from beginning until the end. its was start with bad thing..hahha why? because i miss my friend john at bkk. since he left kl i never meet him. so i keep looking n finding the right date to meet him at same time he also busy with his personal and work. yeah same like me...hard to find right time to travel too.

so accidentally i picked my birthday date. its was unplanned. then i asked my friend, chris to buy the ticket from by credit card. haha john promised to pay me i just took money from my saving to paris. i dont like owe money, so i pay cash to chris. thanks for chris because trust me and allow me using his credit card.yeah protravel was introduce by chris because he got ticket 2 way to london around rm3000-rm4000. not too bad actually. except if u hav great promotion by air asia. i think that's website its really good and gave many benefit especially to find cheaper flight.

i know i'm so brave to buy flight ticket but in my heart i'm so worry, sacred. why? scared what happened with malaysian trapped with drug n etc. i always worry. i just keep positive, of course i'm not do that....just incase its happened...i'm scared. like someone ask help to bring at airport.....arghjhh dont want think about that.

a week i'm counting day because i hate being at office...too much work, prblm n i fell wanna travel, relaxing , rest and see new thing. the night b4 departure...i'm bad mood to pack my lazy, hahaha yeah something drive me crazy. yeah

so after finished work on friday, i straight away to airport by bus.i took bus because i wanna take a nap in bus...because bus take longer time to compare train, 28 minute. in bus i just listen music n sleep. was short nap but nice. at airport, long queue, i thought i was late....but the counter told me tonight the flight is full...n seems arab gave them many prblm. lucky i always sent my friend at airport and i know how its works..yeah most my friend are traveller. hehhehe

yeah i choose royal jordanian, i real airline for me because b4 this i took airasia..n the system totally different.not many jordanian but many malaysian student took the flight that night. after check in..i straight way ti immigration because i know ..will take long queue. lucky at immigration everything alright and i just follow what the women gave me on the flight ticket, the gate, the door, counter n etc.

i just have a camera bag n myself.....many people in the sky train to satellite building, totally different to me. but its nice. then i bought my favourite book... paulo coelhe... nice book actually. his english not so hard to understand. i'm not good in english. at the entrance, crazy african guy lost at my gate...he supposed go to gate G, but come to gate C. how this people can travel but dont know nothing. i'm not racist, just feel strange...if u go to kindergarden , even primary school, 1st lesson is make queue at right way..... so crazy.another thing is he can read the gate C not gate G.

in flight.... was lucky because sit close to stewardess n just one step to business the plane..people start crazy to change sit, dont know why....i wish i can do that..sit near someone i like...hahahha.funny beside me a nice women but the vioce like a strange...but i dont mind , she is nice n helpful. she with her bf.a couple chinese. then i start reading book, when the flight wanna take off.

i found nice word/poem in the book..really melt my heart.....

be like the flowing river,
silent in the night,
be not afraid of the dark,
if there are stars in the sky, reflect them back,
if there are clouds in the sky,
remember, clouds, like the river, are water,
so, gladly reflect them too,
in your own tranquil depths.

by manuel bandeira

hahha i'm fly now with plane..which i can pick any star n bring back to home. love it, kiss it and make me shiny all the time.

arrived at bkk airport...for 2nd time. nice but so strange of arrival entrance. too many. finally meet nice to meet old friend.a lot of chit chat on the way to his house. even in his house too. love talking with him.

next day.... i woke up after history i woke up late.....hahha. we walk in city,watch movie, lunch and at night go out also. i inform to john, this time i wanna rest n relax time..because last time when i went to singapore..its was tired n exhausted because we cover many place.

the last day was sad for me. will miss my friend's cat also john. but its life...need to to continue.then i took photo of friend's house for my collection. his house too excotic n crazy asian style. love it. then john take me to airport with his driver.

at more time i need to pass immigration..something make me nervous...anyway all goes well. nothing happen n i'm enjoyed my trip to bkk. 1st time travel alone to bkk. i dont once at meet my italian friend there. nice actually

now i addict to travel again. need to do more saving n i can fly any place i want.

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