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Sunday, June 19, 2011

a short trip at singapore

this weekend..i was plan to go bkk...but the change was plan then suddenly my office make a short trip to singapore. its was nice, happening but really tired because walked too much. went to URA centre, singapore.

at URA centre, i met my lecturer, Megat. so miracle because we never meet at kuala lumpur for long time ago but we met at singapore. the world is so small. he was in trip with his student...i mean my ex university...for measured drawing n indutrial training at singapore. then its was funny n nice moment with him. he always critic my design when i study at architecture school. thanks Megat.

then my officemate n me went to esplanade, marina sand and finally at orchard road. we hav good time at marina so amazing...we arrived late...i prefer with nice sky..i'm sure its would be nice.

arrived at hotel around 1030pm, i supposed meet my 2 friend at singapore...a bit confuse which one i should meet. finally i meet my old friend at beencolen square...he is my old friend since 4 year ago. have good talk...chit chat and i'm felt great sharing my life's story with him. was nice.....then i decided to go hotel..need to sleep...but really Can't sleep!!!!!

so thats why i'm at cyber the photo from my camera..look marvelous...a bit bored...looking for fun but seems hard.....hahhaha anyway..i know myself...always not easy for many thing. crazy!!!!!..anyway will off to sleep soon.

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