There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


yeay thats only what i can write here. after a few day with not good condition now i think i felt better. was little fever, vomit and stomach aid for few days. feel healthy n will hit the gym n exercise soon. in few days weak n bad feeling, many thing play in my mind...... bad mood, mad, jealous, give up, frustrated and etc.

from day to day...i try to forget it or try to not think too much......but when u depress everything come at one point. at same time everyone in my team take i run by myself for all work. felt bad what no choice. i know past is past, just move forward for better life n better day.

8 reason why i really down........

1. my 3d building changed again by boss
2. my trip to bkk need to find another time
3. i'm canceled my trip to hometown
4. iphone 4 just history
5. hate waiting and the date was no news
6. my trip to singapore was reschedule without inform me
7. missing someone
8. not feeling well

anyway past is past...... maybe some people just think easily but for me i think seriously and maybe twice n triple time. again past to past.... hahha wana forget it all. many thing to do at future. re planning the life again.

honestly missing someone...i dont care miss someone as friend or someone u care or u like to be with...for me everyone is special. really miss u.

thanks God i'm felt better now.... thanks very much.

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