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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

chris n me at broga hill

last weekend, its was unplanned trip to broga hill. chris was waiting his friend to visit malaysia n i also waiting for my iphone4 n another date. so at the end.... his date was canceled n my date also no we just go out early morning around 630am to climb broga hill. so he is my new friend for outdoor activity now. i can say its crazy, extreme , n challenging compare bukit larut last time. i was vomit at broga hill because not feeling well...lucky the photo was good n i'm look better...the real is i just try enjoyed it.

anyway was good memory there, fresh air, sweating n of course nice photo. pity chris will leave malaysia , this end of june. creating many memory by photo although just know him nearly 2 month anyway always happy with good friend.which is crazy, happening, easy n of course taking nice photo. maybe i can work as tourist guide soon. hahaha....

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