There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Sunday, May 1, 2011

a piece of life

from time to time...many thing happened in our life..... sound happy, sad, confuse....sometime hard to explain to people..what we felt.....why we do that? why all this happen? too many reason n excuses. i can say i'm still childish..not mature enough...but really when i love someone..i will care n love full of myself...although as friend.

last week.... a little happy when my boss increase my salary..although not much but i think its was unexpected things happen in my life.wahhh..totally crazy but at same time one of my lovely friend left kl on friday. on friday....i really can't work until i shared with my officemate, they advice me to take half day leave and go to airport. i feel better after sent him to airport, at least i'm not regret in my life. its was a sad thing in my life. try to not think too much.... do exercise, gym, gardening, even more than that...but my eyes still cry. so lonely.....n lost, down

at same time, my friend proposed a farewell party since last week. i decided to make it at my house because i need friend n forget my sad thing. finally they agree to come at my house even they dont know..i'm sad that day. i need friend to make me cheer up. then on friday night too, my friend n me do gathering farewell party our best friend, usop. he decided to back to sabah.i also sad because left my friend, ikhwan and me in kl. i dont hav much friend in kl. my university mate is like my sibling in kl. i love them. if ikhwan getting marriage..i will only the single guy.

i gave usop my painting as my souvenir.he choose the painting from my collection.he took the sunset with boat. i need to make new one.

anyway....i love all my friend..i want they around me, hug me, hold my hand, even i can see face to face.......its painful right now. only time will recover me.i have many memory with all my university mate, tj, patrick, john and patrice. thanks because trust me and gave me many advice. i miss all of you.

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