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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

perak story

My mind keep thinking, remind me to write this…but..

Where I should start?

And why I should write this?

I just wanna tell u, those read my blog… especially all my friend…how much I appreciate all of u the whole my life and of course I love u and I miss u too.

At the beginning of trip..everything was fine, wake up early. Leaving kl around 8am, the highway was good and we reached at Bidor to teluk intan.

At teluk intan we visit teluk intan leaning tower…..kind of Malaysian we called as a Malaysia pisa tower…look same…but different material of construction. Lol seems funny but it’s the truth. We walked in teluk intan city, taking some photo, have lunch nasi lemak n drink.

Then we continue the journey to batu gajah, perak. On the way to batu gajah, we cross paddy field, rubber estate, palm oil n also Kampar town. The scene nary was great with hills and tree. My friend and me talk a lot of life, friend, and etc. was nice..its make me more comfortable n of course miss some people special in my life.

At Kampar town, we realize the shop lot there really interesting and nice. Took some photo n really amazing. Pity the owner n government not take care of that. So embarrassing. Then we continue to batu gajah.

At batu gajah, we visit kellie castle…its also amazing castle…..i’m so lucky can visit that castle. I was wish for long time ago…n now I hav the chance to see with my eyes. Really enjoy taking photo and castle also great. Lovely.

Then we decided went to kuala kangsar. I decided to go there because many nice place there…the old palace, new place, ubudiah mosque, royal museum and malay college. After that I called my officemate and asked her for advice….pangkor island or taiping…which one the best….. so the answer is taiping.

We lucky because at taiping have amazing lake with hills, misty and trees. The best time to visit is at evening time. We got time although rushing to reach that place. Its was beginning time…lucky n lucky we can snap some photo shot with sunlight.its amazing..realy amazing. Near to evening..we decided to stay at taiping and come again to the lake. After finished took some photo…heavy rain come and we just look at the internet n found the hotel.

We also lucky because found nice, great and amazing hotel at last minute from agoda website. My friend just reserve n we rush to the hotel. Another lucky things….we saw the rainbow from sky with hill view. Wow so amazing evening.we reached hotel late…but still can see the best of the hotel.

We just taking shower n upload the photo to the computer. We can’t wait to see..what we done at that day. We only can say..nice , lovely and amazing. Then took shower n go to city for dinner. Yeah very hungry…eating chicken tom yam, telur bungkus, kalian fried with salty dry fish and drink. Its nice n delicious. B4 left city, I bought kfc burger in case hungry at night. The hotel still new…so no food in hotel. Back to hotel n sleep

At morning….we have delicious breakfast, very cool, peaceful with garden n environment at hotel. After taking breakfast, we decided to take photo, waterfall, bird, mushroom, landscape, trees, light from sun..wonderful and so nice. Completely different. Then we just check out n ready to go lake.

Suddenly at main junction we decided to go bukit larut or Maxwell hill.we thought its only take one hour climb up and one hour climb down. They provided land rover…..but they start late and we decided to take walk. My officemate already warn me, don’t walk to the top because its too long journey n take long hour..but I don’t know why I decided to climb..n my friend just follow…hahha

Maybe the god knew what will happen……. Its was painful, hard, extreme I done in my life. The hill tooke 11 km go up and 11 km go down. At beginning of climbing..was happy because nice trees like canopy, taking some photo, interesting hill and listen the sound from waterfall. Then from kilometer to kilometer…we realize the top is too far to reach my friend’s foot already hurt and same with me.without water..only god know how difficult for us that time. Finally I decided to drink water from waterfall because I’m exhausted and my friend don’t want drink it. No choice. After nearly 3 hour climb the hill…. We reach the top…n I open my shoe…feel the soft grass…that’s the best ever I have in the world. Feel wanna cry because its too extreme climb the hill without exercise. Lucky we always go gym n have stamina. At the top we meet others couple climb the top..thats was the great we r the best from people took land rover. i tried call someone to share what happen on me that day..but no answer. Just sharing my happiness, difficulties climb up n saw great thing.

The crazy thing I done in my life is … find bottle in dustbin because we need take some water from waterfall on the way climb down to below. Finally my friend decided to drink the water. Its was great moment I have in my life. Lucky my friend is positive thinking n I really strong mind to continue the journey. No restaurant, no souvenir shop at the top…totally crap n crazy. We took some photo at top n going down.

Not use much energy but still tired n exhausted. We wash the bottle from dustbin n drink the water from waterfall much much we can..the best moment..arghhhhhhhhhhhhh so nice. On the way going down…the rain start n heavy…no land rover to stop taking us down. I scare the thunder, rain in rainforest…yeah kind of worry. That’s time I start thinking about all my friend and family. We stop at tea house but the house is empty waiting until the rain stop. We sharing about life there, something touching moment. I was cried actually thinking those people I miss, love n waiting. I miss them

This journey and moment, make me mature about life.the difficulties climb up, get water, achieve the target and etc. I can’t write here..hard to explain..i wish my english more better what I have now. I miss Patrice, john, tj and Patrick….thats why I’m cry..n hide it from my friend.dont want he think bad. After we saw the rain nearly stop..we continue the journey…… suddenly the heavy rain coming….both of us totally crazy under the rain because hard to find check point. We wet together like a kid play rain. Was great the moment with my friend. I’m sure I will never ever play rain like that in emergency n difficulties time. We totally wet. Cold, wet and etc.

We continue journey until below…finally we make it n done…its great thing ever in my life. Hahhaa at below..we rushing change clothes because my officemate waiting to go dinner. We missed lunch, drink or else. The funny things is..we just naked at public change clothes. Hahha me too. No choice…n my friend bleeding because of leech. Hahah mat saleh got leech. So funny

We rushing go pharmacy to buy plaster n medicine. Then hav dinner with my officemate. Went to her house at her hometown and leaving perak to kl. Its was unbelievable trip, amazing and full of memory. Until now feel pain because of the climb….i miss that. Thanks to my friend and God. Lucky no stomach aid from the water and everything is fine.nice trip..ever in my life.

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