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Friday, May 20, 2011

a little bite of sweetness

last nite was a stressful mind and down feeling for me. only some special friend know that. kind of less self-motivate, lonely, bored, confuse, give up and desperate. as human..its always happen to everyone..... i'm not shy write this story....because i want tell everyone...i'm not only fun and active person, at same time i have sentimental feeling, sensitive, need attention and of course love.

honestly i can say i'm hyperactive person..i can't sit quite without thinking.....when i start feel loneliness i will go crazy, crying, feel guilty and i'm desperate. i mean that.last night i was 100% person give up, only god know....n last night i told to my friend in sms...i wish i don't want continue life for with a lot of load work, miss someone, loneliness, miss, miss and miss. i miss the moment with my best friend......talking, laughing, smiling, chasing, joking...n etc. that's me

then my friend called me last night and a bit cheer up for me. love that conversation, the attention gave to me. really appreciate. i need more to compare virtual communication.

so i decided taking shower n make me cool shower i heard 2 sms come in......i just ignore it because i want cry in shower until i feel better. n i did n feel so better. after that i quickly get my phone and i saw a sms from my best friend at france. he asked me a big favour. hahha... i thought i gonna died tonight but suddenly God gave me a task for last night n few day. haahha

i know him 4 years ago, a labenese guy but working at he informed me..his friend just arrived in kl n will stay for 5 day, need help because he lost and disappointed with kl. i ask him why? what wrong? finally he told me..his friend was located in budget hotel at petaling street, he scared with that area, because 1st time at a culture shock for him. at same time....he arrived at chinatown when all the bargain shop is closed...messy with garbage n totally look worst. at same time he was V.I.P person....

at the beginning after i called that guy, he dont want my help because its was late n worry bother me. after my friend advice him and convince him...he called me back to come my house. i said ok... because i want he see kl at day time...don't judge at night time.of course look scary. i took him at chinatown. when i met him.... complaining, he nearly cry...i felt so touching...because i just finished crying too. so i understand his feeling that time. he was nice person..n just can't accept what happen to him last night. we talk a lot in taxi n i'm so happy because i have guest at my home. he also feel safe, happy with my house...especially my painting, the cleanliness and so on. i was so happy.

u know when u cry...i'm sure u want someone beside u to make u feel better. i assume same with him. luckily he take my word and forget the past. so i asked him take shower because the time already early morning. i need to sleep for tomoroow. he was sleep well, i can see how tired he is.

this morning..he was surprised with my garden.....he start explore what kl it is. twin tower, public bank n funny. i send him to his hotel back because he will start the training as trainer around 9am and change to new hotel. anyway was happy helping people. thanks god...because gave me a little bite of sweetness in my life.anyway....i'm still here and my day not so bored like i think b4. i just need something new to hit me back.

i was thinking my life all time...its was great time having friend in this afternoon...i decided to buy cross-stitch n hope this weekend i will concentrate with more think about loneliness. i hate it but as human we will miss the great moment with our friend. i will make a bouquet flower in metal vase 60cmx50cm. to all my friend..pls dont stay away from me. i need u to make my life complete. i NEED u and i miss u.

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