There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

a cloud came

long time i'm not write about my feeling and my soul here. i try to not write it...make myself busy and enjoyed my time with everyone i met. but what i hav get?

suddenly i felt lost....something hard for me to explain.... just a bit sad what going on...dont like this feeling... try be happy or positive...... but really can't

yeah look at some friend having a partner...seems they r so happy, jealous, i want that too. really desperate for that....i miss it. my university 's mate also will get marriage soon....3 of my officemate will ge tmarriage too..really make me felt bad.

what i looking for in my life? what i want? what benefit what i done all this? and why? finally i'm sad. one by one left me..... for nothing just a memory because i dont know when i hav great time again. at the end...i will alone too.

oh god.... i need ur help..... just give me a chance to make me happy again....tender, passionate, memorable time, love story, even good friendship. i dont know how long i will be like this...i'm tired sometime...hoping, expecting, waiting, missing, n of course hurting. so sad.

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