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Saturday, April 23, 2011

a week story and a weak story

really exhausted with life at the moment....too much work, drama and sadness.

1. started the week with happy because got a call from old friend sunday i feel its was wonderful. early morning on the way to office...i saw one car moving without driver at petrol station close to my office...i was near actually, so i just stop the car with my hand...seems like "superman" hahha..its was funny because i dont i get power to stop the car....hahha lucky the driver saw it...n he pull the handbrake. hahha yeah "i'm superman"

2. at offcie...we rushing with project...and the printer at office make prblm.....the report totally worst and really disappointed.after 1.5 years working in one project, the client changed mind. wanna new design..totally 100% new...with one reason his wife "datin" dont like it. very not professional. yeah its hard to find idea because we only have 2 week for that. suddenly one of team in office make gossip about my time..... politic issue..its really make me worst...complaining , complaining and jealous. thats what i can say.

3. then got sms from my third brother. suddenly he said he want pick the car at 12 midnight the next day. i was crazy with work n stress too. then we hav little fight by word in sms. maybe i'm wrong also..i dont know, i feel very confuse. i advice him little. he told me...i'm the bad brother because rarely go home at hometown. is it bad? if i'm not go hometown because i have commitment at kl? the end of story....i just told him, he can take the car n all his belonging at my home. i dont want to think about his prblm anymore..... the thing is he like to come anytime he want.... and anytime he wanna go.... pick the car and send the car..bla bla...thats why i'm mad

4. i felt down actually when my brother said like that. totally down.... because i know its my mistake too because not back hometown. the last time i went to hometown is 1.5 month ago..i think its not too long. i cant go home regular because i have busy week day and only hav weekend for myself. i gave my family money too. my brother also said.....the money u gave to mother n father..will never make them what can i do.....only that i can give to them...i have my own commitment..i hope they will understand soon.

5.then this is last week for my best friend stay in kl. i'm totally busy with work, no time to company him....hopefully i will get some free time later to meet him

6. this weekend i worked at office.....its not good at all. feel tired but no choice.

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