There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Friday, April 1, 2011

mixed up feeling

actually i havmany thing to write here..but really busy lately. fully stress, worry and confuse

- tired with work...always busy at office

- more responsible when my brother gave his car..but he put more trouble.... its crazy. need to start the car to make sure the engine ok, need to give someone elsela... another brother will come n pick the car la....what ever..why all this prblm come to me?

- looking for new house or room to rent, i felt a bit frustrated...although i love the house so much... but i felt bad for some reason

- another big thing will happen soon, will change all my timetable n schedule....feel worst anyway

- just a noted....a perfume n human body's smell.

- missed the smell of hotel, love to visit hotel sometime. long time not become naughty!!!

- tired of life....

- no internet at home for now...prblm with broadband.

- i need a lover.....frustrated the most time

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