There's always a smile on face but inside heart nobody knows

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

just nothing.....

hmmm just a busy internet at home.... hard for me to update blog, at same time i try avoid myself to go net cafe.i miss to online at some website although never ever get anything..because i just love what i hav and don't want mix many thing in my life.but sometime those people we have, never appreciate what we sacrifice for them.

all this make me sick, mad, anger and broke heart. finally i realize..what i have in front of me..just a short touch n go. i try to think positive because its better rather than i thankful the moment gave by God.

honestly i was empty my schedule on april for one of my best friend because he will leave malaysia soon.i know i'm busy at weekday....thats why i hoping at weekend will be something interesting to do. although some friend offer me to travel, visit some place..but i refuse to not go any place...because i want spend time with my friend. suddenly my friend told invitation travel since last Saturday until Wednesday and next 2 week to bangkok.

honestly its make me mad because i was sacrifice for last moment....i'm speechless. some people said i shouldn't think bad because simple thing...for me its really worthy for me because i dont hav many time anymore...and i'm not afford to do more.

so the end of story....i dont care anymore...i just think of myself only. until now...i still not found someone really ready to sacrifice themselves to me n really want me as i'm. i know i'm not king or queen or prince or princess...but in love if u r queen...n i'm the king...if u r prince...n i will be positive ariff although its hard n confusing. i love everyone close to me...i miss all of u.

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