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Thursday, April 7, 2011

a fit security

long time ago...i saw one of security guy at somewhere i think...until now i dont know where i saw him.thats time he look so messy, with belly n short. really typical Nepal,Myanmar or Pakistan security guard.

then lately, i mean a few month ago...... on the way to home...i always saw one guy look like that security around my house area....doing cycling and jogging every evening. but now his body fit and a bit muscular. n yesterday i saw him walking with someone...i think a friend or another security guard.....partner...surprised me. what i wanna say is..if someone hit thier body with doing exercise..i'm sure we can hav fit body and muscular is bonus.

another question in my mind is..... he not working as security guard anymore? or something else....ahhaha just curios. lucky him.

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