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Sunday, April 3, 2011

end of this week

at the moment i felt so energy n spirit for my life. try be positive thinking, make myself busy and go out from house.

today wake up early around 6am, make breakfast because i will go to jogging. then make exercise at house area....n went to park. nice weather today n do some light exercise. then just sit down on chair facing the lake. i dont know how long i was look at the lake..but really empty.

then i moved to home and stop at plant nursery to look some flower. i know i'm not longer at my house now....but i'm happy to have flower n planting at home. i try make myself a bit cheer up...happy. the guy at nursery very nice..really make myself melting..until i bought some flower. huhuhu no budget..but i love to do something at home.

then i start gardening, clean the garden, watering and change some flower. its look nice..... then i just lay down on floor looking at my garden...i dont know how long i look at the garden..its like in heaven...i love that

suddenly my friend wanna come to home for cook for me. its was nice...waiting him at home..i decided to make some painting....something i want to write down.... yeah i make 2 painting today...about sea and flower.

then my friend came..we did lunch together....took some photo...its was nice lunch

supposedly meet a friend for date around 4pm...but he not so well. so i just at home. a bit bored n lonely, so decided to walk in city. wanna find some cd for little entertainment, but now at net cafe for checking email.i miss reading some news..yeah politic in malaysia.

anyway i dont know why i feel empty....need some action to cheer up...anyone can give me good advice?sms me because i dont have internet at home. miss my happiness time.

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