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Thursday, April 7, 2011

2nd time drive late nite

last nite is my 2nd time drove car at late nite. 1st time i went to old house just to make car wash. yeah i like to be there because the car wash close to i can eat until they finish wash my car. last night i went to mont kiara.its was scary because many big car n fast maybe half highway. i just focus with drive..always give signal....some crazy car try obey the rule..but i gave them hon. hahhahah

its was nice... not much car to compare at peak time.yeah i can say i can drive car right now.

i always say in my mind b4...if u can't drive..u will be like some ladyboy or shemale...afraid on road. hahha. thats why i must brave to drive, because i'm a man..dont want become like

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